Say it with DONUTS




We cater Breakfast!

Let us cater your next party!

Choose from fresh flaky pastries, veggie frittata, warm homemade quiche, egg bakes, stuffed french toast and our favorite Artisan Hashbrowns!

Caramel Roll

Nothing says breakfast like a caramel roll!  Glazed with caramel topped with whole pecans; an ooey gooey delicious morning treat!


Flakey pastry with your favorite filling and drizzled in icing.  Flavors include: lemon, cream cheese, raspberry, cherry, blueberry, apple, almond, and cinnamon.


A donut filled with either custard or raspberry.  Our custard filled (pictured left) are frosted in chocolate fudge, and our raspberry are frosted in white icing.

Long Johns

A longer version of a rasied donut that is not filled.  Varieties include chocolate fudge, white icing, and maple frosting.  Enjoy a long john with or without sprinkles!

Try Our Gourmet Long Johns, topped with bacon, oreos, toasted coconut and more!

Maple Fried Cinnamon

Our fried cinnamon roll topped with maple icing, a combination you will definitely come back for!

Raised Glazed

A crowd favorite glazed donut!  Spring time, look for our strawberry raised glazed donuts!

Cake Donuts

Our cake donuts are made fresh every day and designed a variety of ways.  Choose between plain, powdered sugared, cinnamon sugared, honey glazed, chocolate frosted, white frosted, or maple frosted.  Try a Gourmet Cake donut with different flavored buttercream and toppings.  


Raised Donuts

Our delicious yeast raised donuts are frosted in either chocolate fudge or white icing and you choice of sprinkles!  Perfect for a wedding or work party!


This glazed donut is a classic and fan favorite at Dorothy Ann Bakery!  Swirled with cinnamon and hand crafted into the shape of a pretzel, then fried and glazed to perfection.  


Apple Fritter

Our apple fritters are created out of our donut dough with crushed apples and cinnamon.  Their funky shape and pull-apart feature is why people keep coming back for our apple fritters!

Glazed Twist

The same process is applied to our Glazed Twist as the Donutzel donut.  This unique long donut shape makes for easy eating and flavors of cinnamon in every bite.

Salted Caramel Donutzel

A new staff creation and fan favorite, our awesome donutzel gets a make over with drizzled caramel and fudge, topped with crushed pretzels and sea salt.  We promise you will be back for more!

Cinnamon Roll

Our cinnamon rolls are topped with a homemade roll icing and buttercream mix giving the cinnamon roll the perfect amount of icing in every bite!

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