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The History of Dorothy Ann Bakery

Joan_and_Steve_Pioneer_Press_July_18_1993_at_Royal_Center.jpgDorothy Ann Bakery was first established by its original owners, Ed Durin and his wife Dorothy Ann which was located on East 7th Street in St. Paul.  Ed worked as the Head Baker while Dorothy Ann assisted customers. Combined, they developed a strong reputation and loyal customer base that sustained through their retirement in 1951.

Walter “Wally” Grochowski, who was the owner of Wally’s Pastry Shop on Rice Street and Phalen Park Bakery on Arcade Street, took over as owner. After a few years, he opened a second DAB location in the Sun Ray Shopping Center. A St. Paul native whose love for baking began while working as a young boy at his friend’s family bakery, Wally saw first-hand the influence and impact a bakery can have on a community.

Walter_Grochowski_at_Dorothy_Ann_Bakery.jpegContinuing the family owned and operated formula, Wally had the support of his wife and four children to assist him and his staff in the day-to-day operations. In 1978, he welcomed his daughter Joan to the team as a full-time Cake Decorator.

Steve_Old_Photo.jpgIn 1980, Joan introduced her doting boyfriend, Steve Conway, to the DAB family where he began to learn from Wally the intricacies of baking. In 1982, Joan and Steve, now married and working full-time as the Head Cake Decorator and Baker, took over as owners and have been serving its loyal customers ever since.

Over the years, Dorothy Ann Bakery has moved into various locations in Woodbury but has settled into its current location since 2005. In 2009, Joan and Steve welcomed their daughter, Colleen, as their full-time Head Cake Decorator. Customers can still find Joan and Steve working the ovens, taking wedding consultations, making deliveries, and creating a line of products that continues a tradition of good taste that has lasted for over 70 years.DorothyAnnCakes.jpg

Dorothy Ann Bakery has always been a family owned and operated bakery. From Ed and Dorothy Ann, to the Grochowski family, and of course the many close and personal friends of Joan and Steve, our customers know that the products they receive are made from family to be shared by family.



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