Christmas Log

Our moist chocolate cake, rolled in vanilla or mint cream filling, then frosted in our rich chocolate fudge.  Decorated with red poinsettias, pine cones, holly, ribbon and adorned with a fondant plaque.

Available in Large or Small sizes.
See picture above.

Kringle Wreath Coffeecake

Round shaped Danish pastry filled with almond or poppyseed, decorated like a festive holiday wreath.

Mixed Berry Holiday Log

Our white cake and white chocolate mousse with fresh berries inside, frosted in white chocolate mousse.  Decorated with a fondant plaque, snowflakes and snowmen.

Available in Large only.

See picture above.

Kringle Cane Coffeecake

Our delicate Danish pastry filled with raspberry and cream cheese, hand-crafted in the shape of a candy cane, drizzled with festive holiday colors. 

It's A Cookie Exchange!

Come and enjoy a night out tasting and selecting 10 dozen of your favorite Dorothy Ann Christmas cookies!  Bring your friends to enjoy complimentary drinks and samples of our famous desserts and catering specialties while your cookies are packaged. Only $59.99!

 Call to reserve your spot! Limited availability!
Sign up ONLINE here!
NEW: We will offer a discount on any additional dozen cookies purchased at the event. 

Sun, December 3rd 1:30-4:15pm
Sun, December 10th 1:30-5:45pm
Wed, December 13th 3:30-7:30pm *Vintage Apron Night*
*Ultimate Night* Tues, December 19th 4:00-7:00pm

The Ultimate Night is a special Holiday deal with tons of savings!   You will leave the Ultimate Night with a fresh flaky breakfast coffeecake, a gourmet holiday dessert, and 10 dozen of your favorite holiday cookies. Also enjoy extra special hors d'oeuvres and beverages.  Only $89.99.

Call to reserve your spot today, and pre-order your coffeecake and dessert! Limited availability!

Choose a Kringle Cane Coffeecake (raspberry cream cheese)
OR a Wreath Coffeecake (almond or poppyseed)

Choose a Large Christmas Log (Vanilla or Mint)
OR our new White Chocolate Mousse Holiday log (with mixed berries).

Choose 10 dozen of your favorite holiday cookies!


Q: How many different varities of cookies will you have each night?
A: Each night we will have between 25-30 different Dorothy Ann cookies available for sampling and purchase.  We will always have our very traditional Christmas cut outs (Trees, Bells, Stars, Santas) and butter spritz cookies, turtles, russian tea cakes, thumbprints, swedish dreams, pinwheels, cherry winks, ginger snaps, etc.  Each night we will have different feature cookies of about 5-7 different flavors not released to the public.

Q: How will I know which cookies to purchase?
A: Immediately when you walk in the door, you will be allowed to see all of the cookies on display, as well as samples of each and every cookie flavor.  You will be handed an order sheet, where you mark down which cookies you would like, and then we box them for you!

Q: How many cookies can I get of each kind?
A: Cookies are selected by the dozen only.  Note: certain cookies have limitations on them such as Christmas cut-outs is a 3 dozen limit. You may also purchase additional cookies per dozen.

Q: Can I purchase more than 1 box?
A: You sure can! More cookies = more smiles! 

Q: How many people can I bring with me to the Cookie Exchange?
A: You are allowed 1-2 guests per box that is purchased. 

Q: Will I need to be at the Cookie Exchange the entire time?
A: No, there are two sessions within each Cookie Exchange.  Each session is 1 1/2 hours, and the preparation of your box should take no longer than 15-30 minutes.  How long you stay and enjoy the treats is up to you!

Q: Do I need to sign up, or can I just show up?
A: Yes, it is recommended that you sign up for our Cookie Exchange for 2 reasons...1: so you are able to get into the door and purchase cookies, and 2: so we can plan to have your cookies baked fresh when you arrive!

Q: What will I do with 10 dozen cookies?
A: There are a number of things to do with cookies during the Holiday season!  You can package them individually and give them out as gifts.  You can also freeze them and use them throughout the Holiday Season for different parties.  Or you could bring cookies to a neighborhood, church, or sporting event and share with friends!

Q: How will I bring my cookies home?
A: We will package your 10 dozen cookies in a nice bakery box for you to take home.  The box is approximately 14x18" and should be stored in a cool place!

Q: What if I want to split a box with a friend?
A: We will package the 10 dozen all in one box.  We will have additional boxes available for purchase so you can divide the cookies into as many different boxes as you would like after you receive your box. 

710 Commerce Dr.
Suite 100
Woodbury, MN 55125
Phone: 651-731-3323