Gender Reveal Cakes


The BEST way to find out the gender of your child is with a Gender Reveal cake from Dorothy Ann Bakery!


How does a Gender Reveal cake work?

*Bring a sealed envelope containing the ultrasound from the doctor to Dorothy Ann Bakery.

*We will fill your cake or cupcakes with pink or blue filling depending on the gender, pink=girl or blue=boy.  

*Choose a decorating style and let the suspense begin!  

*Invite friends and family over to watch you cut into the cake to find out pink or blue!  



Having twins?  

A cake works best for this gender reveal.  We will do two layers of filling (three layers of cake), one for the gender of each child (baby).  


Trying to decide between cake or cupcakes?

Cake- everyone watches YOU cut the cake!

Cupcakes- everyone finds out the gender on their own, taking the attention off yourself!


How do I order a Gender Reveal cake?

1.  Please place your cake/cupcake order a minimum of 3-4 days in advance of your Gender Reveal party.  


2.  Drop off your sealed envelope to Dorothy Ann Bakery.  *For same day cakes, bakery must have envelope by 1pm (Mon-Sat), same day cakes not available on Sundays*  We will try to accommodate customers with shorter time constraints based on our cake decorators schedules.  If you are unable to physically get to the bakery before 1pm with your envelope, you can also request to have your doctors office call the bakery before 1pm as well. 


3.  All custom fondant or tiered Gender Reveal cakes require 48 hours to assemble and decorate once gender envelope is dropped off at the bakery- so plan your party accordingly!  


4.  Cut into your or blue?  Share your Gender Reveal pictures on our Facebook page!  


What should I write on my Gender Reveal cake?

"What will I bee?'

"He or She? Open to see!"

"Blue or Pink? What do you think?"

"He or She? What will you be?"

"Waddle it be?"

"He or She? Cut to see!"

"Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are..."

"Guess or blue?"

"What the duck is it?"

"Little man or Little lady?" 

"Bow or Bowtie?"

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