Traditional Flavors

White: A traditional white cake, fine-textured & moist.
Try pairing our white cake with lemon or strawberry filling! 

Chocolate: Our rich, moist chocolate cake is melt in your mouth good.
Try pairing our chocolate cake with cream filling and fudge frosting- a Dorothy Ann specialty! 

Marble: Our marble cake is the perfect cake to please a crowd, our white cake swirled with our distinctive chocolate cake baked to perfection.
Try pairing our marble cake with chocolate buttercream frosting! 

Almond: Our almond cake is infused with almond extract to complete the perfect combination.
Try pairing our almond cake with raspberry filling!

*Lemon: Lemon lovers! Our lemon cake has fresh lemon zest and juice to create the perfect lemon delight.

*Strawberry: Fresh strawberry pieces inside our strawberry cake is a wonderful summer treat!

*These items are seasonal, available only April-August. Thank you*



Specialty Flavors

Red Velvet: Deep red colored red velvet cake, paired with our creamy dreamy Cream Cheese Frosting is the latest trend in cakes.  

Carrot: Fresh ground carrots, pecans, pineapple, and coconut combined to make a moist and dense cake paired with our creamy dreamy Cream Cheese Frosting.

Coconut: Coconut lovers favorite with fresh flaked coconut swirled in every bite, pair it with our creamy dreamy Cream Cheese Frosting.
Try pairing our coconut cake with pineapple filling! 



Gourmet Flavors

Chantilly: If there is one thing Dorothy Ann Bakery is known for, it's our Chantilly cakes.  A unique take on cakes not done anywhere else in the Twin Cities.  Our Chantilly cakes are built of two layers of white sponge cake with a creamy mousse filling, and then frosted in our Whipped Topping frosting.  Chantilly cakes are best when served chilled, and are the perfect light dessert for any season!  Mousse flavors include: Strawberry, Raspberry, Chocolate, or Lemon.

Black Forest: Our traditional chocolate cake, filled with cherry pie filling, frosted in a real whipped cream, topped with maraschino cherries and chocolate curls.

Turtle: Our traditional chocolate cake, filled with caramel, chocolate fudge and pecans, drizzled with caramel and topped off with whole pecans.



Gluten Free Cake or Cupcake Options

Devil's Food: Gluten free devil's food cake, topped with buttercream or whipped topping!

Yellow Cake: Gluten free yellow cake, topped with buttercream or whipped topping!


*All Gluten Free products must be ordered a minimum of 3 days notice*

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