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Wedding Cupcakes

The latest wedding trend is cupcakes!  Combine a variety of flavors to really give your guests the WOW factor!  People eat with their eyes fist, and nothing is more tempting than a Dorothy Ann cupcake with a nice swirl of frosting on top!

Display your dessert on one of our cupcake stands, available for rent!  

Wedding Tip: Create signs for the different flavors you choose to match your place card settings.  A perfect way to tie in your wedding colors with dessert!

How many should I order?

This is a great question to discuss during your Wedding Cake Appointment!  Our wedding cake consultants will walk you through a good thought process taking into consideration different variables to find out how many cupcakes to order.  



Is there a limit on flavors?

There is NO limit on how many flavors you can order!  Get as many flavors as you would like...that is the fun part about ordering cupcakes!  Your guests will appreciate the time and effort you went through to find new fun flavors that they haven't had at any other wedding.

Vanilla                            Almond                                    Reeses

Chocolate                       Marble                                      Butterfinger

Red Velvet                      Carrot                                       M&M

Coconut                          Oreo                                        Trick or Treat

Banana                           Spice                                       Tiramisu

Pumpkin                         Paris                                        Grasshopper

Lemon Dream                 Strawberries n' Cream                 DublinMudslide

Dreamsicle                     Key Lime Pie                             Boston Cream Pie

Lime                             Salted Caramel                          Banana Split

Cotton Candy                 Chocolate Covered Bacon            Harvest Spice

Chocolate Therapy          Almond Joy                               Almond Raspberry

Million Dollar                   Turtle                                       Chocolate Cream Filled

Blueberry Pancakes         Peaches n' Cream                       Irish Car Bomb

Caramel Apple                German Chocolate                      Rootbeer Float

Maple Bacon                    Pomegranate                            Cinnamon Roll

Pina Colada                     Lucky Charms                           Hot Chocolate

Mexican Chocolate           La La Lavender                          PB&J 

Campfire                        Pumpkin Chai Latte                    Candied Sweet Potato

Vanilla Bean                   Candied Almond Bavarian            Cannoli

Eclair                             Raspberry Chantilly                     Lemon Chantilly

Strawberry Chantilly         Chocolate Chantilly                     Pistachio 

Banana Chocolate Chip    and so many more!!

More detailed explanations, check out our cupcake flavors page.



Where can I find cupcake pricing?

The best place to get a price quote is attending our in store Wedding Cake Shows, or setting up your own individual appointment to meet with a wedding cake designer.  Our wedding cupcakes are priced based off flavor, filling, frosting, decoration, and cupcake liner or wrapper.  No two weddings are alike, so we want to sit down individually to come up with the best cupcake flavor and price to fit your style and budget!  Typically cupcakes range in price from $1.85-$3.75.

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